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The Best Running Shoes for Women

Women's Running Shoes

The choice of women's running shoes depends on the runner's specific requirement and foot type so what might be suitable for one runner might not be so for another. Until recently most sport wear companies considered women's sport shoes as just a smaller version of the men's sizes colored pink or orange. Today these same companies have discovered that there is a unique market niche for female runners and are investing in innovative styles and engineering of these shoes to accommodate the differences found in women. The criteria used when grading the best running shoes for women include cushioning, stability and motion control.

Size And Comfort

Many brands and products can be suggested when you want to shop for women's running shoes. Sometimes, some women even happen to have foot size which is not considered as a conventional size by the shoe-making company. Under these circumstances, they are expected to place a special order or just keep trying hard enough to come closest to the size which may just fit their feet.

The best running shoes for women that run on mixed terrain

  • KEEN Women's Presidio Sport Mesh Shoe

    KEEN Women's Presidio Sport Mesh Shoe

    Running outdoors can mean running on a variety of different surfaces, such as grass, concrete and gravel. As a result of running of on the different types of surfaces, a runner will often need a pair or more of good running shoes which will offer increased amounts of traction control and stability.

    In the tests that we carried out, we found Keen women's shoes to be more innovative in design than other tested brands. This was a result of the the trail running shoes having the ability to offer great levels of stability when run on mixed terrain than other tested well known brands. Based on these types of results, it is easy to see why Keen is increasingly becoming a popular brand. They are versatile shoes providing good support on different surfaces that one may find themselves running on.

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