Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Only around 1 month later, it will be the big party - Halloween, how is your jack o lanterns preparation? What are you going to do with the pumpkin seeds? Do you really know the health benefits of pumpkin seeds While the majority of individuals only think of pumpkins during Thanksgiving or Halloween, the seeds obtained from this fruit provide an incredible cocktail of health-boosting and disease-fighting compounds. Native to North America, pumpkins were initially embraced by the Native American tribes, who used them for dietary and medicinal purposes. Pumpkin seeds, also popularly referred to as pepitas, are flat and have a dark green color. While most pepitas are encased in a shell, some varieties come without shells. This overview seeks to answer the common question; what are the benefits of pumpkin seeds? It also explains how the nutrient-rich seeds can be prepared.



Women's Healthy Foods Top 6

With the current lifestyles, many women are finding it hard to lead a healthy way of life. Consequently, cases of overweight people are constantly on the increase. Though many individuals perceive exercises as the only way of keeping fitness, there are foods that can keep a women's health optimal. With healthy food diet, you can shed off those extra pounds and also maintain a healthy body figure. Below are some healthy foods that guarantee optimal women's health:

    • Fish


      Fish includes omega-3 fatty acids which can make a significant difference in your cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids help lower your risk of high blood pressure and developing blood clots. You can make a major change in your diet by eating fish at least twice a week. It is recommendable that you eat fish instead of hamburgers, fried chicken, and steak. You can still eat red meat from time to time, but you should eat it sparingly.


3 Helpful Lifestyles For Women

Modern life is stressful. The situation becomes more complicated for those women who try to maintain a proper balance between personal and professional life. As the result, they face many health complications and ultimately that lead to severe chronic diseases. Hence, if you want to live a healthy, happy, fit, and energetic life, you will have to follow certain basic rules. You need to concentrate on the healthy diet, regular workouts, and positive thought. If you will follow these simple steps, then your life will be more enjoyable and fruitful. If you are looking for some tips to improve the quality of your life, then the following three lifestyle tips can certainly make a difference.


10 Women's Lifestyle Advices

For a woman, it is important to develop some healthy lifestyle practices to make a proper a balance between her personal and professional life. Healthy practices can keep you happy within and can inspire to achieve more. Are you looking for some lifestyle advice to improve the quality of your living? Are you looking for some tips to remain content, satisfied, fit, and energetic? If yes, then the following ten tips can help you in a great way.

  • Drink enough water

    Drink water

    Your body needs an adequate amount of the water for the proper function. You should drink at least one gallon of water every day. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, and do regular workout then you can drink more. Water keeps you active, hydrated and improves your digestion. In my blog Understanding the Benefits of Drinking Water to Women I talked more about benefits of drinking water to women.


Understanding the Benefits of Drinking Water to Women

Water is the most important element in sustaining life on Earth and without water, all life would most likely disappear. It's an amazing fact that the human fetus is 97% water at two months gestation and still 75% when born. So it's easy to not only see the benefits of drinking water in our lives, but to understand the actual importance of drinking water to our very existence.

Beyond the necessity of water in our lives, there are so many benefits of drinking water, including helping us to maintain our body's energy levels while removing toxins and wastes and giving us a healthy glowing complexion. Drinking water also aids in weight reduction. Water is a natural hunger suppressant simply because it can fill you up which helps reduce overeating and therefore helps you to maintain your weight. It is also an interesting fact that often when you feel hungry, your body is telling you that you need water and not food.


In my 10 Women's Lifestyle Advice blog I also mentioned, it's a key factor of our healthy living.The benefits of drinking water go beyond just making healthy people look and feel good. Water also plays a unique role for those with certain medical conditions such as some forms of high blood pressure where drinking water can help to stabilize blood pressure.


Top 5 Women's Health Best Sellers on Amazon in September

It's the last day of September, time flies, how was your September going? It's getting chill everyday, put on warm clothes when you are doing outdoor activities, you can check out What to Wear Running 2016 for ideas.

Lets see what the Top 5 women's health best sellers are on Amazon in September:

  • First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

    First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

    I believe if you might pregnant, you want to know it as soon as possible. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test is the No.1 best selling pregnancy test product, it can detect pregnancy 6 days earlier than your missed period, it will give you 99% accurate result in 3 minutes.


Natural Sleep Remedies Offer Plenty Of Options

If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night, I believe a lot of people do in this rapid changing age. There are many natural sleep remedies that can help you sleep better without a prescription. Finding out which one will work for you is best done through trial and error. Try a few different methods and decide which one gives you the best results.

Natural Sleep Remedies


A Comprehensive Overview Of Anti Cellulite Diet

In this article, we are going to throw some light on the importance of anti cellulite diet. Most probably it is not known to you that approximately 70% of the cellulite appearance on your body is actually triggered by your diet. You will not get any benefits by performing physical workouts in case the nutrition received by you does not help in your pursuit for cellulite reduction. Put simply, it can be rightly asserted that without proper diet it is impossible to get rid of cellulite. Actually, it requires a three-step procedure to beat cellulite. First of all, it is imperative to minimize fat in the cellulite region; secondly, you must reduce and also repair the free-radical damage and lastly, the blood circulation must be boosted.

Anit Cellulite Diet

Apple Cider Vinegar - Cure to Acid Reflux

There has been a rapid increase in the changing habits of people due to their changing lifestyles. There is no time left to make food at home and most people resort to consuming junk food. This is the state of most household nowadays. This results in acid formation in our body. Also other factors affect the acid formation like consumption of water, enough sleep, etc. This also paves way for a lot of diseases. One such is a condition of acid reflux. Acid reflux has become a very common condition these days. Of course there are cures for such conditions. Although most people prefer allopathy for cure, seldom people know this: apple cider vinegar cure to acid reflux!

apple cider vinegar