Best Organic Green Tea Brand

Green tea has been around for centuries and has always represented a substitute to the coffee mug. There are many benefits that come from a cup of green tea in the morning, e.g., improving cognitive functions, clearing and relaxing the mind, relieving stress, and gaining more energy. While many are thinking of giving up the coffee for a fresh, morning cup of organic green tea, a question arises in everybody’s minds: which is the best organic green tea brand?

best organic green tea brand

We all are living stressful lives due to our fast-moving and agitated society. That’s why many people are seeking help to gain more energy and mental strength into juice, tea, coffee, or anything that might help for that matter. While coffee has been the champion for centuries when it comes to getting the needed amount of energy to get the job done, more people than ever are turning to antioxidant and exotic teas.

This is the very reason why a special brand of green tea has made its way into stores all around the world in the last two decades or so. If you are seriously thinking about quitting coffee and are looking for more natural alternatives as a source for relaxation and mental energy, we gladly present to you what many consider the best organic green tea brand out there: Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green.

What Makes the Numi Tea the Best Organic Green Tea Brand

Numi Tea

We are all looking to better ourselves. This can mean different things to different people, but a sense of well-being and carrying for our environment represent top priorities for people today. Cultivated and harvest in far Oriental China for hundreds of years now, the Numi tea has been proven beneficial for one’s overall health, as well for the environment.

The Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green is a full leaf, quality tea, handpicked by Chinese farmers and shipped all around the world for people to enjoy. The most fascinating about it is that it has a good flavor although organic. Yes, the producers never use flavorings, fragrances or oils to manipulate flavor, making the tea 100% organic. Organic practices are ensured from the first step until the tea reaches the shelves of clients.

Also, since it is never washed, after being picked, the tea remains free of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The green tea remains 100% organic. The only process the tea is subjected to is when it is steamed and rolled into small pearls that you pour into the kettle. Moreover, the tea bags and wrap are organic, too, the manufacturers' followings today rigorous standards for any organic product on the market. For example, all tea products produced in the Chinese region are always packed in 85% recycled-content containers. Moreover, they use only verified biodegradable filter-paper tea bags. That’s why we confidently state that Numi tea is the best organic green tea brand available today.

Some Benefits of the Best Organic Green Tea Brand

Chinese tea farmers

People have been consuming coffee for many decades now due to the benefits for the mind and body. The drink has become so enrolled in our urban culture than many can’t imagine going a day without the coffee mug. Although it contains caffeine – a powerful antioxidant that is beneficial to the whole body – coffee might not be the best solution available. Coffee is the cause of many illnesses of the nervous and circulatory system.

The main pro of a cup of green tea is that one can have all the benefits of coffee while avoiding the unwanted side-effects. Green tea not only gives you the necessary energy and mental strength but can help prevent nervous system damage, as well as help with regeneration if you suffer from some condition caused by a damaged nervous system.

Of course, such benefits can be found in different green teas available on the market; however, what makes this tea the best organic green tea brand? The answer lies in the culture and tradition of harvesting and preparing this tea, a tradition that puts emphasis on an equilibrium between the man and nature. The unwashed, freshly picked leafs are pesticide free, and the way the Chinese farmers foil these leafs make it a 100% organic product. And while it would be worth mentioning why you should start consuming more organic products – and why are they beneficial for you overall health – space doesn’t allow us to develop more on the subject.

Testimonial of an ex-Coffee Addict

Numi 100% organic tea

John Derlin, of Seattle, Washington, had been a coffee drinker since he was in high school. That comes as no surprise when you hear that his father owned the most popular coffee shop in the neighborhood. But consuming coffee on a daily basis, from that age, came with some consequences.

“I have developed a form of paranoia. There were always panic attacks. And all of these caused severe social anxieties,”
admits the man.
“When I started working, the stress was becoming more and more unbearable. And it became truly problematic when I had to urgently visit the doctor’s office,”
John continued.

Yes, his nervous system was damaged and that caused him a lot of problems. Now, all he needed to do is to give up coffee, cold-turkey, and move on with his life. That’s when someone introduced him to the best green tea brand.

“I’ve heard that some people prefer to drink green tea for energy, and I have to be honest that I was skeptical. I mean, I knew that you drink green tea to lose weight. But I was wrong. Ever since I started consuming Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green I sleep better, I can focus on my work, and I still have the energy to do all that,”
ended the man with a smile on his face.

There are many brands of green tea available in stores, and while they have their cons and pros, nothing beats the Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green in our opinion. If you are environmentally conscious, are looking for 100% organic products, taken from their mother country, then the Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green is the best organic green tea brand available.

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